Curriculum Vitae

Education and Qualifications
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Astronomical Observing Experience

January-Feb 2004:
    I led a six-week long multi-site observing campaign using 9 telescopes distributed around the world.
    Aim: Detect solar-like oscillations in the red giant stars in the old open cluster known as M67. The campaign has its own web-page.

March-April 2000:
    One month of observation at the Danish 1.54 meter telescope at La Silla, Chile (ESO).
    Aim: Detect solar-like oscillations in the G-giant xi Hydra, based on CCD Echelle spectroscopy.

    Three weeks of observation at the Danish 0.5 meter Stromgren telescope at La Silla.
Purpose: Light-curve observations of GK main-sequence eclipsing binaries.

Conferences and Workshops (attended and/or contributed)

July 19-31 2020:

(POSTPONED)Aspen Center for Physics (ACP) summer 2020 workshop "Galactic Archaeology with Fundamental Stellar Parameters" - Aspen,  USA.
talk-title (author: D. Stello)

July 13-17 2020:

(POSTPONED)TASC6/KASC13 Workshop - KU Leuven,  Belgium.
talk-title (author: D. Stello)

July 6-10 2020:

(POSTPONED)Liege International Colloguium - Liege,  Belgium.
talk title (author: D. Stello)

Februrary 10-14 2020:
"Expending the Science with TESS" (TESS Ninja 3) - University of Sydney, Australia.
Feb 6-7 2020:

14th ANITA Theory Workshop - UNSW Cenberra,  Australia.
talk title (author: D. Stello)

December 2-4 2019:

Stars In Melbourne - Monash University, Melbourne,  Australia.
Galactic archaeology with TESS and K2 (author: D. Stello)

July 22-26 2019:

TASC5/KASC12 Workshop - MIT Cambridge,  USA.
Galactic archaeology with TESS and K2 (author: D. Stello)

May 20-24 2019:

Planet-Star Connections in the Era of TESS and Gaia - Santa Barbara, USA.
Characterising host stars with asteroseismology: using observations from ground and space (author: D. Stello)
Program attendees

March 18-22 2019:
9th SAC Red Giant Modelling Workshop - Sicily, Italy.
March 4-8 2019:

Kepler & K2 SciConV - Glendale (CA), USA.
The K2 Galactic Archaeology Program: revealing the jigsaw puzzle one campaign at a time (author: D. Stello)

November 28-30 2018:
Stars in Canberra - Canberra, Australia.
Seismology of planet hosting stars with SONG (author: D. Stello)
October 23-26 2018:

SONG Workshop - Tenerife, Spain.
Massive or not massive that is the question. (author: D. Stello)

September 3-7 2018:

Physics of Oscillating Stars - Banyuls-sur-mer, France.
New pulsation physics from unusual red giant stars? (author: D. Stello) 

July 16-18 2018:

T'DA Workshop - Aarhus, Denmark.

July 8-13 2018:

The TASC4/KASC11 Workshop - Aarhus, Denmark.
Developing AI experts in asteroseismology with deep learning  (authors: M. Hon & D. Stello)
Is the (single) peer review process broken?  (author: D. Stello)

July 2-6 2018:

The Metal-Poor Galaxy - Ringberg Castle, Germany.
The K2 Galactic Archaeology Program: present and future (author: D. Stello)  

June 25-29 2018:

ASA Annual Scientific Meeting - Melbourne, Australia.
Asteroseismology with K2, TESS, and Galah (author: D. Stello) 

May 30-June 1 2018:

ASTRO 3D Science Meeting - Canberra, Australia.
Galactic Archaeology with K2, TESS, and Galah (author: D. Stello) 

May 1-4 2018:

ASA Early Career Meeting - Margaret River, Australia.
Collaboration: standing out while working together (author: D. Stello) 

April 5-6 2018:

Planets in Peculiar Places - Sydney, Australia.
The mass of planet-hosting giants stars using asteroseismology  (author: D. Stello)

December 17-20 2017:

Franco-Australian Astrobiology and Exoplanet Workshop - Canberra, Australia.
Massive or not massive that is the question  (author: D. Stello)

December 7-8 2017:

Statistical challenges in astronomy - Sydney, Australia.  

November 20-21 2017:

Stars in Sydney - Sydney, Australia.
Deep Learning in asteroseismology  (authors: M. Hon & D. Stello)

November 13-17 2017:

A celebration of CEMP and gala of GALAH - Melbourne, Australia.
(Invited) GALAH and Asteroseismology  (author: D. Stello)

October 29-Novermber 3 2017:

With one hand waving free: celebrating J. Lattanzio's 60th birthday - Port Douglas, Australia.
A cornet of goodies from asteroseismology (author: D. Stello)

October 23-27 2017:

8th SAC Red Giant Modelling Workshop - Garching, Germany. 

September 18-22 2017:

Taking stellar ages to the next power - Elba, Italy.
Stellar ages for galactic archaeology with K2 and TESS (author: D. Stello)

July 17-21 2017:

TESSting Stellar Astrophysics - The TASC3/KASC10 Workshop - Birmingham, UK.
Massive or not massive that is the question (author: D. Stello) 

June 19-23 2017:

4th Kepler/K2 Science Conference - Mountain View, US.
(Invited) The asteroseismic revolution of red giant stars: from stellar interiors to the structure of the Milky Way (author: D. Stello) 

February 9-10 2017:

11th ANITA Workshop - Hobart, Australia.
The era of whole-sale asteroseismology (author: D. Stello) 

January 23-27 2017:

7th SAC Red Giant Modelling Workshop - Aarhus, Denmark. 

January 16-19 2017:

5th SAC Retreat - Sandbjerg Gods, Denmark. 

November 28-December 2 2016:

22nd Los Alamos Stellar Pulsation Conference: Wide-field variability surveys, a 21st-centry perspective - San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.
Asteroseismology of Red Giants in the Open Cluster M67 - Finally! (author: D. Stello)

November 21-25 2016:

Understanding the origins of the Galaxy and its stellar content - Canberra, Australia.
(Invited): Are asteroseismic ages trustworthy for Galactic archaeology? (author: D. Stello)

November 2-4 2016:

Gaia 2016 data release workshop - Madrid, Spain.

October 31-November 2 2016:

TESS Data for Asteroseismology Workshop - Birmingham, UK.

September 12-16 2016:

STARS2016: Celebrating the life's work of Don Kurtz - Lake District, UK.
(Invited): Magnetic dynamos inside intermediate mass stars (author: D. Stello) 

July 18-22 2016:

Industrial Revolution in Galactic Astronomy - Sexten/Sesto, Italy.  

July 11-15 2016:

TASC2/KASC9 Workshop - Azores, Portugal.
(Invited) Magnetic fields in red giants (author: D. Stello) 

May 9-13 2016:

6th SAC Red Giant Modelling Workshop - Gottingen, Germany. 

February 11-12 2016:

10th ANITA workshop: Dancing with the stars - Melbourne, Australia.
Dancing to the music of the stars (author: D. Stello) 

November 16-20 2015:

KITP Follow-up Workshop: Suppressed Dipoles - Santa Barbara, USA. 

November 9-13 2015:

KITP Follow-up Workshop: Asteroseismology and Galactic Archaeology: a match made in heaven to reveal the structure of the Milky Way - Santa Barbara, USA. 

November 2-5 2015:

K2 Science Conference - Santa Barbara, USA.
The K2 Galactic Archaeology Program (author: D. Stello)

October 5-9 2015:

5th SAC Red Giant Modelling Workshop - Birmingham, UK. 

October 1-3 2015:

3rd Annual GMT Community Science Meeting: Resolving Galaxies in the era of extremely large telescopes - Monterey USA.
Galactic Archaeology - the perfect marriage between space-based asteroseismology and ground-based spectroscopy (author: D. Stello) 

August 3-14 2015:

IAU XXVII General Assembly - Honolulu, Hawaii.
(Invited) The asteroseismic revolution of red giant stars (author: D. Stello) 

July 6-10 2015:

ASA Annual Scientific Meeting - Fremantle, Australia.
Galactic Archaeology using oscillations in stars observed by NASA's K2 mission (author: D. Stello) 

June 15-19 2015:

8th Kepler Asteroseismology Workshop - Aarhus, Denmark.
Oscillations in red giants observed by K2 (author: D. Stello) 

June 1-5 2015:

Reconstructing the Milky Way's History - Bad Honnef, Germany.
(Invited) The K2 Galactic Archaeology Program (author: D. Stello) 

February 2-6 2015:

The Milky Way and its Stars - Santa Barbara, USA.
(Invited) Review of the status of the K2 mission and its use for galactic archaeology (author: D. Stello) 

January 12-16 2015:

4th SAC Red Giant Modelling Workshop - Barcelona, Spain.

July 1-4 2014:

7th Kepler Asteroseismology Workshop - Toulouse, France.
Non-radial modes in M giant semi-regular variables (author: D. Stello) 

April 28-May 2 2014:

3rd SAC Red Giant Modelling Workshop - Teramo, Italy. 

December 1-4 2013:

International Francqui Symposium: What asteroseismology has to offer to astrophysics - Brussels, Belgium.
(Invited) Review: Probing stellar populations in the Milky Way with asteroiseismology (author: D. Stello) 

October 23-25 2013:

2nd SAC Retreat - Munkebjerg Hotel, Denmark.
Invited talk: Asteroseismology at the Sydney node (author: D. Stello) 

October 14-18 2013:

2nd SAC Red Giant Modelling Workshop - Garching, Germany. 

August 12-16 2013:

2nd MESA Summer School - Santa Barbara, US.
Invited lecturer: Asteroseismology of cool stars (author: D. Stello) 

July 22-26 2013:

Asteroseismology of Stellar Populations in the Milky Way - Sexten/Sesto, Italy.
Invited talk: Asteroseismology of red giants in clusters (author: D. Stello)

June 23-28 2013:

6th Kepler Asteroseismology Workshop - Sydney, Australia.
Organiser: D. Stello 

January 14-18 2013:

SAC Red Giant Modelling Workshop - Aarhus, Denmark.

November 25-30 2012:

The 61st Fujihara seminar-part2: Progress in physics of the sun and stars: a new era in helio- and asteroseismology - Hakone, Japan.
Talk: Red giants in the field and open clusters observed by Kepler (author: D. Stello) 

August 16-17 2012:

IAU XXVII General Assembly - Beijing,  China
Invited talk: Asteroseismology of clusters in the Kepler field (author: D. Stello), at the Special Session on "High-Precision Tests of Stellar Physics from High-Precision Photometry". 

June 18-22 2012:

5th Kepler Asteroseismology Workshop - Lake Balaton, Hungary.
Talk: Period spacings and rotation of over 10,000 red giants (author: D. Stello) 

Dec 5-7 2011:

Inaugural MQ AAAstro workshop: Phases of late stage stellar evolution - Sydney, Australia.
Invited talk: Red giants observed by Kepler (author: D. Stello)

July 11-15 2011:

4th Kepler Asteroseismology Workshop: From unprecedented data to revolutionary science - Boulder (CO), US.
Talk: Amplitudes of solar-like oscillations: a new scaling relation of stars (author: D. Stello)

March 13-17 2011:

The 61st Fujihara seminar: Progress in solar/stellar physics with helio- and asteroseismology - Hakone, Japan.
Talk: Amplitudes of solar-like oscillations in red giant stars: constraints from open clusters observed by Kepler (author: D. Stello)

June 14-18 2010:

3rd Kepler Asteroseismology Workshop: Kepler Asteroseismology in Action - Aarhus, Denmark.
Talk: Cluster seismology: revealing formation and evolution of stars (author: D. Stello)

February 1-5 2010:

IV HELAS International Conference: Seismological Challenges for Stellar Structure - Lanzarote (Canary Islans), Spain.
Invited talk: Detection of solar-like oscillations from Kepler photometry of the open cluster NGC 6819 (authors: D. Stello for KASC WG2)

December 14-18 2009:

6th AsteroFLAG Workshop - ISSI HQ, Bern, Switzerland.

September 21-23 2009:

5th AsteroFLAG Workshop - Saclay (Paris),  France.

September 16-18 2009:

New insights into the Sun - Ponte de Lima, Portugal
Talk: The relation between delta_nu and nu_max (authors: D. Stello, W. Chaplin, S. Basu, T. Bedding, Y Elsworth)

August 10-11 2009:

IAU XXVII General Assembly - Rio,  Brazil
Invited talk: Asteroseismology of solar-type stars (author: D. Stello), at the Joint Discussion on "Helio- and Asteroseismology".

April 20-24 2009:

4th AsteroFLAG Workshop - ISSI HQ, Bern, Switzerland.
December 8-10 2008:
3rd AsteroFLAG Workshop - ISSI HQ, Bern, Switzerland.
June 22-27 2008:
Wroclaw HELAS Workshop: Interpretation of Asteroseismic Data - Wroclaw University, Poland.
Poster contribution: Radius determination of main sequence stars observed by Kepler (author: D.Stello et al.).
June 9-11 2008:
2nd KASC Workshop - University of Aarhus, Denmark.
Talk contribution: Selection of red giant stars in relation to Kepler mission (author: D.Stello).
February 18-22 2008:
2nd AsteroFLAG Workshop - ISSI HQ, Bern, Switzerland.
Talk contribution: AsteroFLAG Exercise 2, Radius determination from large frequency separation in relation to Kepler data (author: D.Stello).
October 29-31 2007:
Kepler kick-off meeting (1st KASC workshop) - IAS, Orsay,  Paris, France.
Poster contributions: Empirical tests of the asteroseismic scaling relations from cluster observations, (author: D.Stello et al.). Determining the asteroseismic mass of stars with a low degree of detail in their power spectra, (author: D.Stello et al.).
July 23-27 2007:
Stellar Pulsation & Cycles of Discovery: New Tools, New Variables, New Astrophysics - University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
Talk contribution: Solar-like oscillations in red giants from ground and space. (author: D.Stello)
February 13-16 2007:
Active Learning Workshop in Science and Education - Faculty of Engineering and Industrial Sciences, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia.
September 25-28 2006:
Transiting Extrasolar Planets - Max-Planck fuer Astronomie, Heidelberg, Germany.
Talk contribution: Asteroseismology: A unique tool for planet transits (author: D.Stello)
September 20-22 2006:
Future of Asteroseismology - University of Vienna, Austria.
Poster contribution: Solar-like oscillations in open cluster star. (author: D.Stello, H. Bruntt and T. Arentoft)
November 24-25 2005:
3rd Stromlo Students Xmas seminars - Mt. Stromlo, Canberra, Australia.
Talk contribution: Who was Australia's first Millionaire champ? (author: D.Stello)
July 4-7 2005:
Annual Scientific Meeting of the Astronomical Society of Australia (ASA2005) - University of Sydney, Australia
Talk contribution: Can we use asteroseismology to probe the interiors of red giant stars (author: D. Stello).
Received the PASA Oral Presentation Award 2nd prize for best oral presentation.
June 30-July 2 2005:
Harley Wood Winter School - Citigate Sebel Waterfront Resort, The Entrance, NSW, Australia
June 19-24 2005:
Stellar Pulsation and Evolution - Villa Mondragone, Monte Porzio Catone, Rome, Italy
Talk contribution: Strong mode damping can kill red giant asteroseismology. Measuring the mode life time of the red giant xi Hydrae (author: D. Stello).
July 12-16 2004:
SOHO 14/GONG 2004 - Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Poster contribution: Amazing multi-site time series photometry of the open cluster M67 (authors: D. Stello, T. Arentoft, T. R. Bedding, M. Y. Bouzid, H. Bruntt, Z. Csubry, T. H. Dall, Z. E. Dind, S. Frandsen, R. L. Gilliland, A. P. Jacob, H. R. Jensen, Y. B. Kang, S.-L. Kim, L. L. Kiss, H. Kjeldsen, J.-R. Koo, J.-A. Lee, C.-U. Lee, J. Nuspl, Y. Qiu, C. Sterken, R. Szabo, P. Xiao).
July 13-26 2003:
IAU XXV General Assembly - Sydney,  Australia
Talk contribution: Solar-like Oscillations in the G7 Giant Star xi Hydrae (authors: D. Stello, F. Carrier, C. Aerts, S. Frandsen, F. Bouchy, H. Kjeldsen, T.C. Teixeira, F.P. Pijpers, J. Christensen-Dalsgaard).
April 9-11 2003:
2nd Eddington workshop - Palermo,  Italy
Talk contribution: The Eddington CCD Data Simulator (authors: T. Arentoft, H. Kjeldsen, J. De Ridder, D. Stello).
July 1-5 2002:
Asteroseismology Across the HR diagram, CAUP - Porto, Portugal
Talk contribution: Giant vibrations in dip (authors: T.C. Teixeira, J. Christensen-Dalsgaard,
C. Aerts, F. Carrier, S. Frandsen, D. Stello, F.P. Pijpers, H. Kjeldsen, H. Bruntt).
May 30-June 1 2002:
IJAF Danish Astronomy Meeting at the Danish Physical Society Annual Meeting 2002, Hotel Nyborg Strand, Denmark.
Talk contribution: Solar oscillations in K giants, first detection (authors: S. Frandsen, D. Stello, H. Kjeldsen, H. Bruntt, F. Grundahl).
August 31 2001:
The 5th Rømer/MONS Workshop: Rømer Parallel Science Programme: Stellar Physics, Planetary Transits, Cosmology and Asteroids, Copenhagen University Observatory, Denmark.
May 31-June 1 2001:

IJAF Danish Astronomy Meeting at the Danish Physical Society Annual Meeting 2001, Hotel Nyborg Strand, Denmark.
Talk contribution: The problem of the Pleiades distance: Constraints from Strömgren photometry of nearby field stars.
August 24-29 2000:

Fourth MONS Workshop: Target Selection and Modelling of Solar-Like Stars, Aarhus University, Denmark.

June 27-July 1 2000:

NIC (Nuclei In the Cosmos) 2000, Aarhus University, Denmark.

June 8-9 2000:

IJAF Danish Astronomy Meeting at the Danish Physical Society Annual Meeting 2000, Hotel Nyborg Strand, Denmark.
Poster contribution: MONS: Measuring Oscillations in Nearby Stars (Kjeldsen et al.)

January 24-26 2000:

Third MONS Workshop: Science Preparation and Target Selection, Aarhus University, Denmark.